Wide Open was started in 2017 by Beth Webber from @forestfound, an outdoor educator and stylist with a passion for fresh air, Jesus and connectivity.  She wanted to create a space for Christians who were working in creative industries, starting creative businesses or supporting creative ministries, to explore more deeply what it means to create.

'God is the ultimate creator and He designed us to do and make in ways that reflect His goodness and that displays our deep love for Him. The creative path can be a tough one. My hope is that Wide Open offers time to connect with Jesus, in the beauty of creation, amongst a supportive and encouraging community.' 



Sharing good conversation and good food around the table is a key part of Wide Open. Our catering team work hard to provide you with nourishing breakfasts, long lunches and delicious evening feasts, as well as supplying fresh coffee on tap, and refreshments throughout the day. There will be a small slection of craft beers and wine for you to enjoy a drink by the camp fire in the evenings too. 


We value sleep and recognise that after lots of time in the fresh air you're going to need cosy beds and quiet spaces to rest in. Single-sex accomodation is provided in simple log cabins and we make sure the small details like heaters, rugs and blankets are included to make it all the more relaxing and lovely!  


To give you an idea of how your time with us at Wide Open will roll out, here is a model schedule. It may change a little, but all the good stuff will stay the same.





5.00pm - ARRIVE // Settling into camp 


7.00pm- GATHER // Welcome, prayer &  worship 


7.30pm - FEAST // Dining underneath the stars


9.00pm- CAMPFIRE // Conversation and connection around the fire 







7.00-8.00am - MORNING MOVEMENT// Run, Walk, Reflection time or just sleeping...


8.00-9.00am - BREAKFAST // Energy boosting grub 


9.15 - 9.45am - GATHER // Worship & Prayer 


10.00 -11.30am - WORKSHOP // Guest speaker no.1 followed by a practical worshop


11.30- 12pm - COFFEE BREAK // Fresh coffee & lots of cake


12.00 - 2.30pm - WORKSHOP // Guest speaker no.2 followed by a practical workshop


2.30 -3.30pm - LUNCH // Lovely long lunch 


3.30- 5.00pm - WORKSHOP // Guest speaker no.3 followed by a practical workshop


5.00-7.00pm - WILD TIME // Free time for hammock naps, walking, journaling and chatting. 


7.00-9.00pm FEAST // More delicious wonderful food 


9.00-11.00pm CAMPFIRE // Chilled fireside chats and music 






7.00-8.00am - MORNING MOVEMENT // Run, Walk, Reflection time, or just more sleeping...


8.00-9.00am - BREAKFAST // More energy boosting grub


9.00 - 11.00am - GATHER // Time to worship together and pray for one another. 


11.00-12.00pm - PACK // Pack up and grab another coffee 


12.00-2.00pm - LUNCH // Last lunch together before heading home...


Tickets cost £295 per person



This includes all your food and accomodation as outlined above. It also includes all your workshop materials and a lovely welcome pack on arrival.


We have three ticket options availabile to make sure Wide Open remains accessible to everyone:


Payment plan 1: Full ticket price - £295


Payment plan 2: Initial payment of £147.50 (50% of full ticket cost). The final amount to be paid by 1st August 2019.


Payment plan 3: Initial payment of £37. The remainder to be paid over 8 months. With the first payment made by 30th January 2019 and the last payment by 1st August 2019.





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